Direct Mail


Direct mail can be an effective method of attracting new businesses and encouraging existing customers to buy more.


1) Plan your campaign

You should decide at the outset who you are going to target and why, so that you can develop a message that will appeal to your target customers. For example you may decide to target existing customers with information about a special offer.

  • How many customers will you target?
  • What information will you send them?
  • When will the campaign start?
  • How will you record and measure the responses?


2) Write a letter

When targeting other businesses it is a good idea to include a personalised letter with your leaflet. The letter should be brief, concise and highlight the benefits to the reader. Using a PS. (postscript) is a good idea. Research shows that people read the headline first and then the PS. So make sure you promote your key message here. Refer to our effective sales letter guide for more information.

3) Provide reference material

If you have a lot to say don’t try and do it all in the letter. Refer to a brochure that you can enclose with the mailing or ask customers to visit your website

4) Use the envelope

The envelope you send the mailing in can be used to make it stand out. Try using a different colour envelope or printing your logo or marketing message on the front.


5) Postcards – Say it in style

Postcards can be a cost effective method of letting your customers know about your latest offers. Using a double sided design helps convey your message in style. We have a range of options – ask us for a quote to produce some quality postcards for your next mailing.

6) Measure

You should measure the effectiveness of your direct mail. You may decide to test your direct mail on a small number of existing clients. By measuring the response rate and sales conversion rate you can then decide whether to send out to all of your customers.




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